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Shameless US and Teen Wolf for inspired20in20

Main inspirations for these are: the choice, the reveal, the transformation, the fight, the tragedy, and the moment of glory. I was originally just going to do Teen Wolf, but I thought that I would blend my two favorite fandoms together for this set. Twenty icons didn't really seem like enough to cover all the wonderful (and wtf) moments of these two shows, I just hope that I did the themes justice for this round.
and I really made too many black and white icons...ooops

1. the choice: Mickey coming out to his family
2. the tragedy: Lydia screaming for Allison
3. the fight: Human!Derek with a gun
4. moment of glory: Mickey and Ian kissing in public
5. the tragedy: Fiona losing the kids.
6. the reveal: Peter gave Meredith the idea for the deadpool
7. the fight: Ian and Mickey
8: the fight: Mandy
9. the transformation: Void!Stiles
10. the reveal: Peter is big shocker
11. the choice: Allison
12. the tragedy: Ian and Fiona in 2x12 broke me ;_;
13: the choice: Scott almost ending his own life
14: the transformation: Debbie
15: the choice: Peter offering Stiles the bite
16: moment of glory: Mickey taking Ian home
17: the tragedy: Allison's mother dies
18: the fight: Derek in Mexico
19: the transfomation: Finally finding Ian after months
20: the choice: Jimmy leaves and Fiona stays

Please credit wretched // blanksquares
comments and feedback are love!
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