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21 April 2016 @ 05:07 pm
3.08 » hell burns bright  
Shadowhunters for 20muses

This time we had to keep it simple, and I automatically told myself that this was my jam because I love making simplistic icons...and then I forget until the day before they're due to get them done. *sigh* anywho...here they are! And an unintentional lack of Magnus, oops.


specific theme
1-5; the crop (details, close, emotional, far, emotional)
6-10; the color (bold, bold, muted, muted, black & white)
11-15; the light (bright, contrast, bright, obscure, contrast)
16-20; the scenery

credit wretched //blanksquares
comments are love!ve!
a random javascript function: moriarty burn youjsfunction on April 23rd, 2016 02:24 pm (UTC)
Omg these are super gorgeous *___' LOVE the first two icons especially! 2 is just WOW, gorgeous cropping and coloring, the brihgt turquoise + purples color scheme is so unusual and eyecatching. And damn, the vibrancy in 1 is flawless, love the crop, contrast and how much color you were able to pump into a close crop. The magenta-ish shadows work so nicely. Love everything about these two basically!

Of course there are lots of other stunners here as well. 11 is just super gorgeosu with the bright, vibrant, extra shiny look and interesting angle. Really loving how her hair color pops! 14 has beaufiul feep colors and gorgeous lighting, and 16 is all kinds of amazing too, I'm always a fan of bright cyan skies combined with vibrant green grass/trees, and the full body crop is great. 17 is another one with super lovely coloring, loving the bluish tint. Beautiful set!!